Alot to Trade for? (Denton tx 76209)

October 13, 2012 in Dallas

Hey allmopeders I have a few things I’m looking to trade (I’m only looking to trade but I might take cash if it’s good enough) well here’s my list (I’m open to all trades but I’ll post what I’m mainly looking for at the bottom of the post and items with * next to it is my target goal lol)

Ps: I’m fairly bad at not responding to emails saying how much or what do you want for so make an offer and well go from there

Ps: I can’t pick up or deliver outside of Denton tx I dont have a DL so I’m stuck out here lol

1. A beautiful 40gal aquarium comes with blue/green gravel nice decor like lime stone holy rocks and such would also come with a 25-35 high output filter and a day night light so a bright/dim setting it’s a very beautiful tank once set up also has adds like net and siphon and a cool stand

2. A 32″ LCD tv with remote like new
(I’m only looking to trade this with other items for a new tv)

3. A papazan chair cat got to the base but it still holds strong

4. House decor lots of tiki stuff

5. A guccie mens wallet not sure how much new I got it as a gift

6. Tons of kitchen stuff like flat grill hand blender knife block set so on so fourth

7. Several ps3 games I’m looking to trade for other games let’s see skyrim NBA 2k11 and 12 red dead fall out NV transformers street fighter V dungeon siege III

8. A large legit reptile habatat great for a bearded dragon or cwd deep jungle theme

9. A nice large square kitchen table –and 4 chairs it’s red wood but has a scratch on it but with a table cloth is a nice kitchen table

10. A large hookah bowl tongs and hose

11. A stron and sturdy store bought diskgolf practice basket all metal with metal chains

12. A wireless 360 white controller

13. 5.1 surround sound speaker system and audio card for pc but the speakers work with tv’s and computers

14. A iPhone 3G unlocked jailbroken with a clean EMS

15. 2 heating lamps with bulbs and decor for a terrarium

16. A 8gig jailbroken with dlc unlocker iPod touch 2nd 2nd gen it’s not a 2g but cane our right before the 3G

17. A nice pair of cowboy boots hardly used just for a wedding I’m not sure of the size

18. A nice pair of converse slightly worn

19. A nice set of knives and block

20. nun-chucks i have a rubber pair with long chain and clear plastic pair with a short chain

21. a rope dart

22. A Magic the gathering trading card deck around 120 cards all from 1990-2000 mostly forest

23. A jailbroken wii with a ton of games like 50+ and 1000′s of nes snes and n64 games you can play right off the wii

24. Like 15-20 backuped 360 games (you can only play them if you have a modded 360)

25. A desktop pc great for causal usage but no monitor

26. A cool hand made diskgolf buggy holds like 20 disks and has a seat and small cooler

And lastly some good old services

1. over a terrabite of data (you need a external) but just make it simple.. a TON OF movies music and tv shows… at TON lol

2. Web design (business cards flyers website design photo touch up so on)

3. Poi lessons! Look it up it’s a amazing hobby and I have been teaching for years it’s like yoga mixed with art

4. Wii mods download and play back up games off external HDD and latest CFW so you can get online play and use Netflix without risk of getting kicked off wii network it has 20ish wii games and 1500+ nes Snes game boy and n64 games that you can play right on the wii!

5. I make custom string and sock poi any fabric pattern swivels any length and weight

Well I think that’s about it I can send pictures of everything if you want

And now for things I’m interested in the better your trade the better mine is ^.^

iPod touch 4th gens or high end androids

House/bedroom decor or furniture a queen bed frame would be cool

Aquarium decor for a freshwater tank

Equipment and decor for a reptile habitat I want to make a nice riparium for a chamillion

Saltwater equipment fish or coral frags
But I’m mainly looking for a good clean up crew maybe some stars,shrimp,crabs,cucumbers,and snails I need them for green algie and sand sifting) and in need of some led lighting for hard corals I’m running t5 right now lol

Paintball guns and gear

A nice car stereo

3ds +games

a nice gaming laptop or MacBook *

Ps3 games or jailbroken ps3

Dallas Mavericks memorabilia

A nice mountain bike or moped or motorcycle *

And a tv BUT lol… I’m only looking for a large 3d flatscreen *

Or anything that might make a beautiful 22year old wife smile :) I love you baby ***

Well thanks for looking ^.^

  • Location: Denton tx 76209

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