2009 Scarabeo 200 New Scooter 200cc Vespa Economic Gas Mileage Topbox (Houston, TX) $2998

October 12, 2012 in Houston

2009 APRILIA Scarabeo 200 in Red

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The result of brilliant intuition by Aprilia, Scarabeo has withstood the test of time by adapting to change and incorporating the latest technology. Over the years Scarabeo has grown in engine size, with new models introduced to satisfy diverging needs. Deep down, however, Scarabeo remains faithful to the original concept behind its amazing success.

In brief, Scarabeo remains a trend-setter. Over 750,000 Scarabeo have been sold since 1993, to tame inner city traffic, dominate urban ring roads and carry their riders with natural elegance and unmistakable style. Scarabeo’s harmonious shape, simple flowing lines, and reassuringly smooth surfaces are so unmistakable that there is almost no need to apply the Aprilia name to it. Scarabeo’s superior finish and the refinement of every last detail are instantly recognizable at first glance or feel.
A Scarabeo is simply a Scarabeo, unique and unmistakable. Distinctive elegance, impressive comfort, plus advanced performance and safety give Scarabeo across-the-board appeal. Scarabeo is loved by teenagers, lady riders, students and managers in fact anybody who wants a scooter of distinction and class. Scarabeo is all this and more. It sets trends, not follows them.

Like all true classics, Scarabeo is an object of cult design, and has evolved without losing its identity. Scarabeo is the unquestioned symbol of elegance on two wheels. One glance is all you need to recognize Scarabeo anywhere. And you only need to ride it once to appreciate its dynamic Aprilia-style handling.

Over the years Scarabeo has developed a chameleon-like ability to change its skin, and to evolve along with the changing needs of the market. The emphasis today is on practical mobility: riders want scooters that are small outside but big inside, able to nip through congested city centers. That is why the smallest over-50 cc Scarabeo has evolved once more, becoming more compact but without losing any of its unique identity. The new 200 has returned to the design roots of Scarabeo, combining elegance with utility and shunning the superfluous. The new Scarabeo 200 satisfies all the needs of modern mobility, and adds a generous touch of class and style to the practicality and performance that has always set Scarabeo apart.

Typical Italian style once again points the way for others to follow: Scarabeo s refined build quality simply defies imitation by other scooters. Advanced technology renders Scarabeo unique too. A generous under-seat storage compartment, large enough to hold an Aprilia jet helmet, leaves the competition struggling. The 200 might be the entry level model to the over-50 cc Scarabeo range, but its deluxe finish and amazing quality to price ratio make it more than unique.

Available in Red or White. Limited Free Clothing Package available of Jacket, Half-Helmet (Scooter style) and T-Shirt on a first come first served basis.

Easy Finance Available Zero Down options are available so please call 713-222-2332 for details.

Back to school or college or just a commute to work the Scarabeo 200 is all you need. Price does not include T T & L and destination fee.

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  • Location: Houston, TX

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