minibike / mini bike / off road (Harbor City/Lomita) $325

October 9, 2012 in Los Angeles

For Sale/Trade:


*To all you flagging bitches- I challenge you,lets meet up in person,would love to break one or two things on your body :) Thanks!
*Also have a Sand Rail for trade/ sell- $1,400

‘ Freshly re-done fat boy mini bike

‘ just did a whole tear down & rear build

‘ stripped to full metal welded more rear end support, welded extra foot peg attachment

custom made handle bars

‘ Brand New Chains. 2 new.

‘ Fast 6.5hp engine, runs well. idles allittle high right now. adjustable if desired.

‘ kill switch is NOT working at the moment, still can turn off engine using other method

‘ sprayed rhino liner like paint on the whole frame. multiple coats, frame is very sturdy & will last!

‘ seat post will accept other seats..LoL

‘Fat Tires make for a fun ride

‘ Has front suspension!

**Also have for sale / barter / trade :

- 2 12″ JL audio subs wth ported box & KenWood 1000watt amp- $260

- PSP with games and movies and accessories- $80 (missing thumb pad joy-stick-$5)

- Rc Nitro Truck with extra accessories – $55 (not running,I don’t no anything about these)




*pop up tent, boat, cross bow, compound bow, military surplus, survival gear, hunting, scooter, vespa, camping gear, bike, bb gun,
led tv, ipad, golf cart, new multiple running shoes sz 10 1/2,bullet proof vest, other cool interesting guy things :)


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  • Location: Harbor City/Lomita

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