WTB: Vintage Cycle with a sidecar – project motorcycle, trike or?? (White Bear Lake/Statewide) $742

October 12, 2012 in Minneapolis

Please don’t flag my ad….there is nothing prohibited here….just a wanted ad in the wanted section….fair enough?
If you think there is something incorrect here please email and give me a chance to change it. Thanks!

I’m looking for a project motorcycle with a side car, or maybe a factory type trike or three-wheeler. Larger is preferred (not looking for a small scooter or a cushman, vespa, etc.)
Don’t put that project/rig away for another winter….get rid of it now and you won’t be tripping over it this winter!!

I Prefer vintage bikes but will consider all. My left knee is not too good and so I am looking for something cool that won’t require a strong left knee to keep upright or to ride.
I’d really like to find a project for the winter like a classic or vintage Harley or Indian…..prefer factory side car but will consider all.
Might also be interested in a Harley Servi-car or an old Indian trike (factory)….old barn finds, shed bikes, basket cases, etc.
As long as ALL or MOST of the parts are there, I’ll give it some consideration. If half the bike is gone but it’s a fairly common specimen that I can locate parts for easily, well…maybe?

Really, I like American, Old, Vintage, British, BMW, etc. and I’m not afraid of any project, as long as what you might have isn’t pure junk!
I could also see a newer Harley such as a Road king from the 90′s with a low mileage EVO and a factory side car….projects okay here too….
and if it needs a bunch of small stuff done to make it roadworthy AND is priced accordingly, that’s really what appeals to me the most!

My main concern is that I’m retired and I don’t have a ton of cash (if I did, I’d be riding instead of looking, right?!)

Secondary concern is that whatever I buy, I’d like all or most parts to be there…..basically I’d like something complete. I can restore almost
anything but don’t want to spend the time OR twice what a project is worth hunting for parts on Ebay!

Third, I am not afraid of bikes that haven’t run for 20-30-40 years or more, but hopefully they will turn over and not need a complete frame-off
Restoration or complete engine rebuild….I’m looking for something I can tinker with and get going maybe this fall or winter for next year.

I MIGHT also be interested in a classic old motorcycle that I can put a sidecar on……Harley, BMW, Indian, etc…..

So what do you have hiding in your garage, basement or out in the barn or shed?? Something cool? Shoot me an email with the details, please?
I’m not into the “guess what I want” or the “make me an offer” game….just let me know what you are asking and if it works, we can go from there.


  • Location: White Bear Lake/Statewide

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