Vintage 1982 Honda Passport Scooter (University Heights) $1400

October 9, 2012 in San Diego

I have a really cool 1982 Honda Passport 70cc Scooter for sale. Amazing condition! It runs great, has turn signals, a helmet holder, horn, passenger foot pegs, etc. It goes about 40-45 mph top speed…perfect for around town. It gets 100 miles to the gallon!! No more expensive gas and insurance bills, woo hoo!

It is a 3 speed automatic…shift with your foot, but no clutch. Easy once you get the hang of it. Push button electric start, or kick start.

I bought this bike before a recent move from Phoenix thinking it would be great to get around here. It has such a cool retro look. Unfortunately, I found out a little too late that I’m not a candidate for a motorcycle license out here (long story), so now I have to sell it.

I have the AZ title for it, it would just need to go through the California DMV for registration and such. I put in the details for this online, and it looks like registering it here would be a one-time fee of $198 because of back registration and switching states. I’d take $200 off the price of the bike for this, bringing it down to $1200 FIRM.

My loss is your gain. :(

Or trade for RUNNING car…preferably VW thing, or Karmann Ghia, or other cool/vintage/retro car.

Please NO low ballers.

Call 480 – four three zero – 5233

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  • Location: University Heights

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