Xbox One controller – brand new (Cambridge) $30

December 29, 2018 in Boston

Brand new controller – came from my new Xbox One X. I already have the elite controller so I don’t need this one.

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Scooter/Moped “Nice” Honda Elite 80 (West Houston) $1075

October 30, 2018 in Houston

1995 Honda Elite 80

VIN: 0987654321
condition: excellent
engine displacement (CC): 80
fuel: gas
odometer: 2556
paint color: white
title status: clean
transmission: automatic

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* Up for sale is my Honda Elite 80 scooter. Looks-runs and rides like a “Champ”! Starts first time everytime. All light-blinkers-horn-gauges work as they should. Very good tires and seat. New battery and carburetor cleaned and adjusted. Only 2556 actual miles, “Sips” gas and will reach speeds of 55mph+. This Elite 80 is in over all real good condition and ready to go. Blue Title in hand. * Price $1075 * Local delivery may be possible * Please call or text during normal hours * Thanks! *

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Scooter/Moped "03" Honda Elite 80 cc (west houston)

February 25, 2018 in Houston

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* Up for sale is my 03 Honda Elite 80cc scooter. Looks and runs “Great”! All lights-blinkers-horn-gauges work as they should. New battery and new carburetor. This scooter is in Tip Top shape and will reach actual speeds of 55 mph+ easily. All in all this Elite 80cc has been well taken care of and is in exceptional condition . All pictures are current. * Price $875 * Possible local delivery * Bill of sale included * Thanks! *

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2010 Honda NHX110A Moped $2495

November 2, 2015 in Atlanta

The 2010 “Elite” or “Elite 110″ was Honda’s first small wheeled scooter to be introduced in North America since the 2002 Metropolitan (aka Jazz in Canada). The Elite 110 was offered by Honda USA for only the 2010 model year, while Canadians were never offered this small Honda. Globally it remains on sale as the Lead 110.

The new Elite seemed to be a replacement for the departed Elite show contact info although if you follow its family tree back it was actually a successor to the Aero 80 sold here from ’83 – ’85. Overseas the Aero 80 was sold as the Lead 80. The Aero 80 was dropped here after 1985 but elsewhere it continued to be updated. It moved to 90cc in the late 80′s and then it was redesigned in the 90′s and bumped to 100cc (and 4-stroke). The present generation is the Lead 110, which is what arrived as the 2010 Elite.

Like the Elite 80 (and the Aero 80), this scooter offered small wheels and great power for running around town. At 108cc’s and a corresponding 8.9hp, the Elite 110 is a nice performer without creating any illusions of highway capability. With nearly 9hp and 6.9 lbs/ft of torque available, drivers have roughly double the power of Honda’s 4-stroke 50cc offerings and easily more than every 2-stroke 50cc on the market. Owners will have no trouble keeping up with traffic around town on this scoot. Top speed on the Elite 110 is restricted to 50-53mph. Unrestricted, the Elite 110 can wander to about 55-57mph.

The 110 achieved a fairly significant departure from the traditional Elite look, but it’s also 20 years newer than all previous Elite designs, so you’d expect some change. Any visual ties to the Elite scooters of old are minor, although he headlight shape and headset unit is reminiscent of the Elite 80. Overall, Honda did quite a nice job with this scooter. The rear rack and tail light area excellent areas and the entire rear ‘haunches’ are well done. The front of the scooter seems a little less inspired but its still a clean and flowing shape. A few other nice touches include the fold out passenger pegs and mini-SH150i rims.

For the North American market, Honda relocated the front blinkers to meet DOT regulations. The stylish integrated blinkers mounted just above the front fender were capped off and new blinkers mounted just below the brake levers. You can see these integrated blinkers in the silver photo below, and the USA spec blinkers in the first red photo. This change leaves an opportunity for enthusiastic owners to spend handsome amounts of money importing the stylish JDM indicators.

In the braking department, the new Elite has a front disc brake and a rear drum. Reviews of this scooter (see links) indicate the Elite has superb braking power and modulation for a scooter of this size. 2010 Honda Elite 110 – Underseat StorageThe Elite has ‘CBS’ aka ‘combined braking system’ which applies the rear brake automatically when the front lever is pulled.

As for storage, the Elite has it in abundance. In addition to a nice glovebox, the Elite 110 has enough space under the seat to swallow two full face helmets! With that plus the rear rack, front glovebox and grocery bag hook (seen just above the glovebox) this Elite is fully decked out. The only way to add more would be to add a rear case.

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Honda Elite SA50 / Spree Parts (Chula Vista) $1

October 29, 2013 in San Diego

Extra parts from a project I’m building. Please make an offer. Cash only and local pick up. call or text 619341O168.

$100 for purple wheel set from a 94 elite.
$15 Elite brake levers
$25 AF05E engine mount. Fits the Honda Spree if you want to do a AF05E swap
$10 Old white front wheel from a 94 elite
$150 AF05E motor. SEIZED. will include extra block, Exhaust and wheel. good for rebuild.
$30 side skirts(missing some tabs) 94 elite
$50 side panels 94 elite
$20 front forks cover 94 elite
$50 tail light rack assembly
$10 stock variator pulley
$30 airbox
$20 stock shaved handle bar powdercoated white
$20 stock triple tree for the elite
$30 pair of front shocks

Keywords elite sr, 2 stroke, 2T, moped, sa50, honda dio, aero,

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NEW EBC 301 front brake shoes with spring for Honda scooter & moped (san mateo) $14

October 12, 2012 in San Francisco

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Date: 2012-10-12, 9:47AM PDT

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NEW in box
EBC 301 front brake w/spring

It cross to Honda part numbers


Please see fitment guide below before reply.
$17 is my rock bottom price.

I also has Yamaha QT50 / YamaHopper used parts for sale.

Fitment includes:
2011 Honda CRF50F Front
2009 Honda CRF50F Front
2008 Honda CRF50F Front
2007 Honda CRF50F Front
2006 Honda CRF50F Front
2005 Honda CRF50F Front
2004 Honda CRF50F Front
2003 Honda XR50R Front
2002 Honda XR50R Front
2001 Honda XR50R Front
2000 Honda XR50R Front
1999 Honda Z50R Front
1998 Honda Z50R Front
1997 Honda Z50R Front
1996 Honda Z50R Front
1995 Honda Z50R Front
1994 Honda Z50R Front
1993 Honda Z50R Front
1992 Honda Z50R Front
1991 Honda Z50R Front
1989 Honda Z50R Front
1988 Honda Z50R Front
1987 Honda Z50R Front
1986 Honda Z50R Front
1985 Honda Z50R Front
1984 Honda Z50R Front
1983 Honda Z50R Front
1982 Honda Z50R Front
1981 Honda Z50R Front
1980 Honda Z50R Front
1986 Honda Z50RD Front
2009 Suzuki DR-Z70 Front
2008 Suzuki DR-Z70 Front
1981 Honda NA50 Front
1980 Honda NA50 Front
1979 Honda NA50 Front
1987 Honda NB50 Aero Front
1986 Honda NB50 Aero Front
1985 Honda NB50 Aero Front
1984 Honda NB50 Aero Front
1983 Honda NB50 Aero Front
1983 Honda NC50 Front
1982 Honda NC50 Front
1981 Honda NC50 Front
1980 Honda NC50 Front
1979 Honda NC50 Front
1978 Honda NC50 Front
1977 Honda NC50 Front
1984 Honda NN50 Gyro Front
1987 Honda NQ50 Spree Front
1986 Honda NQ50 Spree Front
1985 Honda NQ50 Spree Front
1984 Honda NQ50 Spree Front
1982 Honda NX50M Front
1981 Honda NX50M Front
1979 Honda PA50 I Front
1978 Honda PA50 I Front
1983 Honda PA50 II Front
1982 Honda PA50 II Front
1981 Honda PA50 II Front
1980 Honda PA50 II Front
1979 Honda PA50 II Front
1978 Honda PA50 II Front
1968 Honda P50 Front
1993 Honda SA50 Elite SR Front
1992 Honda SA50 Elite SR Front
1990 Honda SA50 Elite SR Front
1989 Honda SA50 Elite SR Front
1988 Honda SA50 Elite SR Front
1990 Honda SB50 Elite Front
1989 Honda SB50 Elite Front
1988 Honda SB50 Elite Front
1987 Honda SE50 Elite S Front
1987 Honda SE50P Elite Front
1986 Honda TG50M Gyro S Front
1985 Honda TG50M Gyro S Front


NA 50 Express II 79-81 FRONT

NB 50/NB 50 M Aero 50 83-87 FRONT

NC 50 Express 77-80 FRONT OR REAR

NC 50 Express 81-83 FRONT

NN 50 MD ‘Gyro’ 84 FRONT OR REAR

NQ 50 D/NQ 50 Spree/Spree Special 84-87 FRONT OR REAR

NX 50 M Express SR 81-82 FRONT

PA 50 78-81 FRONT


TG 50/TG 50 M Gyro S 85-86 FRONT OR REAR

SA 50 Elite LX/SR 88-93 FRONT

SB 50/SB 50 P Elite/Elite ES 88-90 FRONT

SE 50/SE 50 P Elite/Elite 50 S 87-88 FRONT

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